Join Our 12 Slice Army!

Here’s how you can show your support for 12 slices.

  • Send everyone the campaign video
  • Print out copies of the official poster and put them up all over town
  • Take photos of yourself with your 12 slice pizzas, putting up posters or being active in the campaign and post them to our facebook page we’ll repost them in a gallery on this site.
  • Tweet using the hashtag #12slices
  • Get all your friends to do the same

If we work together we can stop hunger in the first world.

Cut Your Pizzas into 12

For too long pizzas have been cut into 8 slices. This means that a pizza cannot be evenly shared between three people. One person will go hungry.

On December 12, we want you to join our twelve slice army and enjoy a pizza cut into twelve slices. And share it with a group of two, three, four, six or twelve.

Let’s get the word out and make a difference.